Om oss GrönåsenGrönåsen Älg- & lantdjurspark (Grönåsen Moose and farm animal park) was one of the first moose parks in Sweden. The Park was founded in 1994. We are also one of the biggest parks and we have the largest moose shop in Sweden.

In the summer of 2015 the park changed owners. Now it is owned by the Agelstam family, who are Patrik, Gill and Meja, the dogs Elsa and Ville and the cat Millan. Both Gill and Patrik have grown up around animals but neither have worked with animals before. To run an animal park is a way life. We live on the farm and take care of the animals all year round. It is important to us that the animals are well cared for and that they get to live as natural a life as possible.

The welfare of the animals always come first!