hastar-gronasen-6177-3We have three horse breeds in the park – Paint, Welsh and Shetland pony.


Paint or the American Paint Horse is a breed of horse developed in the United States. There are strict requirements for lineage and only horses in which the lineage can be verified may be registered as Paint horse. The horse is registered in the American Paint Horse Association who have an affiliate in Sweden: Swedish Paint Horse Association.

The Paint horse is well built and is always either piebald, that is spotted, or solid colored. The horse is between 145 and 165 cm in height and today the horse is most popular in western riding and ranch work. In the United States, where the breed are extremely popular, it is used in all kinds of equestrian and also to run. There are about 800.000 registered Paint horses in the world, of which 1000 of them in Sweden.

Goddess of Snow called Flingan was born in 2009. She coaches and competes in western riding.


The Welsh Pony was originally a cross between the smaller welsh mountain pony and the larger welsh cob types. They are both ancient breeds and is derived from the same base of old mountain ponies which developed out of the horses that were brought to the UK from Asia by the Celts. Even the Roman horses influenced the race who later lived on the moors rather than up in the mountains.

The Welsh pony is today a very attractive pony. It is a precious riding pony with lots of pony character. A fearless and strong little horse with great jumping ability at the same time as it has a quiet and easy-to-use temperament which makes it an excellent riding pony for young riders. It is used to both lighter entertainment riding and to contest. Many also run with their ponies. The Welsh Pony attractive appearance and good posture makes them even fit as exhibition pony.

Caramell was born in 2009. She is ridden in western and easier jumping.

Shetland pony

The Shetland pony is one of the world’s smallest horse breeds and originally from the Shetland Islands off Scotland. The origin of the Shetland pony is relatively unknown but probably derived from Scandinavian ponies and ponies who were brought from Asia by the Celts in the 2nd century BC.

In the 19th century, the pony was used for transporting peat and later in coal mines in the United Kingdom but has now become popular as riding pony for children, to run and also in pony galloping, trotting and in circus. You can also see the Shetland pony in zoos and now also used in therapeutic purpose as handicap horse.

The Shetland pony is easy to feed and a very healthy pony with a manageable but some self-willed temperament. They are perfect as child ponies and can also be run by adults. The Shetland pony is very small and usually never more than 107 cm at the withers but relative to its size the Shetland pony is one of the world’s strongest horses.

RosaLinda was born in 1999. Kinder horse than her is hard to find. She started her career in racetrack. Today she is running race and also being used as a riding horse.