alg-gronasen-6512The king of the forest

The moose is the largest deer animal in the world. In Sweden a bull weighs 400-500 kilos and a cow 300-350 kilos. They have a body length of 200-300 cm. The moose is a ruminant animal and feeds on leaves, twigs and grass. The bull drops his horns during the winter. During the spring and summer they grow out again. The horns have a velvet that supplies horns with blood so they can grow. At the end of the summer it tidies the beautifully painted, rub off the skin as the horns have grown complete. During the rut the moose woo 4-5 cows. The cow is pregnant for eight months and gives birth in May-June, usually to one or two calves. Moose calf is breastfed for 4-5 months but stay with the cow in one year and then becomes alienated when the cow gets new calves. A moose can be 25 years but in the wild they rarely reach that age. In Sweden, we have about 300.000-400.000 moose of which approx. 100.000 are shot during the annual hunting season.