African pygmy goat (Capri hircus) has in recent years become a popular pet at home and in zoos. Originally it came from Cameroon, and North Africa, where it was an easy care and nice beef cattle that could go on barren soils where few other domestic animals survived. In Africa and Asia, today we find these goats in the wild. They are basically herbivores, but can adapt their diet to what there is to eat – sly, bark, etc.
The African pygmy goat is basically accustumed to sharp weather changes as Africa can shift from extreme rain to extreme drought in a relatively short space of time, which means that they have a good ability to adapt to the climate they live in. The goat is pregnant for about 150 days and usually gets two kids.

The African pygmy goat is no higher than 50 cm at the withers and weighs between 20 and 40 kilos. It is a nice and friendly pet that can be your friend up to 10-15 years! Pygmy goat is rarely used as meat animals, even though there is some meat on them and today it lives primarily as pet and “lawn mower”!


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